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Speech and toasts at the Warehousemen and Clerks' Schools Fourth Anniversary Dinner (5 November 1857).

Speech at the Young Men of Boston Public Dinner (1 February 1842).

Speech at the opening of the Free Library, Manchester (2 September 1852).

Speech at the Athenaeum, Manchester, First Annual Soirée (5 October 1843).

Speech at an Administrative Reform Association Meeting (27 June 1855).

'An Appeal to Fallen Women' leaflet (28 October 1847).

Chairman's speeches at the Playground and General Recreation Society Anniversary Festival (1 June 1858).

Speeches at the Charitable and Provident Society for the Aged and Infirm Deaf and Dumb Anniversary Festival (23 May 1843).

Chairman's toasts at the Royal Hospital for Incurables Annual Dinner (5 June 1856).

Speeches at the Royal General Theatrical Fund Dinner (2 April 1855).